Small Penis Syndrome

Small Penis Syndrome is a type of psychological disorder where the male affected has excessive concern and a preoccupation that his penis is small when actually they have a medically normal, average sized penis. Sometimes Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is used to describe this condition as well, but BDD has a much broader definition that includes actual body defects rather than just perceived ones, which is the case in Small Penis Syndrome.

So for the purposes of this article we won’t be referring to BDD in the context of Small Penis Syndrome.

Small Penis Syndrome causes psychological distress, impairs occupational or social functioning, emotional depression, severe anxiety, and social withdrawal or isolation.

Studies show that 85% of women are pleased with the size of their partner’s penis. For the remaining 15% it’s divided between those who complain the penis is too large, and those who complain their partners have a micro penis. Specialists highlight that Small Penis Syndrome is not the same as the micro-penis condition. The difference between the one’s suffering from Small Penis Syndrome and the real small penis men is that Small Penis Syndrome exists only at a psychological level, while the micro penis is physical and noticeable.

To make things clear about what constitutes an average sized penis as opposed to a small one, researchers have carried out many studies. The results show that the average erect penis size is between 5.0 to 7.0 inches in length, and 2.0 to 3.0 inches in width. The reason they refer to this as average is because the majority of men have penises within these measurements (around 70% of all men). There can be slight variations in the average size due to racial traits, and we discuss this on our Penis Myths page. In comparison though, the micro-penis is a lot smaller at 3 inches in length or smaller, in the erect state.

Specialists say that actually very few men suffer from micro penis (0.6% of males). However it is estimated that around 45% of men wish they had a bigger penis. So why do so many men think their penis size is small?

Reasons why males think they have a small dick:

  • Poor sex education
  • Initial sexual experiences are bad and they mistakenly think it’s because of their penis size when it’s more to do with inexperience.
  • Comparing flaccid penis (especially as a teen) to fathers and older brothers flaccid penis.
  • Being a late bloomer (IE puberty starts at a later age) so his penis seems smaller than his peers.
  • Unrealistic examples of penises and sex represented in porn.
  • Shame associated with nudity that come from religious upbringings.
  • Someone deliberately telling them they’re small to be mean and hurt their feelings which often happens in breakups with partners.
  • Thinking that the flaccid state of the penis is the indicator of the size which is a mistake.


The greatest cause of Small Penis Syndrome is males (especially when teens) comparing themselves to other males. Flaccid penis size varies greatly and some men can have smallish flaccid penises that grow to average size when erect. Other males can have large flaccid penises that will grow very little when erect. The correct way to measure and/or compare penis size is while erect (hard). That’s because a big flaccid penis don’t necessarily mean a huge erect penis.

However, the best advice for those suffering from small penis syndrome is to measure themselves correctly and look at the data for themselves. If your erect penis is average size (according to accepted data) then you don’t have a small penis. There’s no reason to believe you cannot satisfy a woman. The tape measure never lies, people do. If that cannot break through the anxiety you experience then see your Doctor. Some men require psychological counselling in order to overcome Small Penis Syndrome. Even though they know ‘intellectually’ that their penis isn’t small, they still have the emotional and psychological problems associated with Small Penis Syndrome. These men need counselling.

Plainly if a man suffers acutely from Small Penis Syndrome they can have severe anxiety and depression. They may need anti-depression medications to help them, and psychological counselling to discover the root of the issues and move towards resolution. Severe depression, no matter the cause, is a serious health risk both mentally and physically and can lead to suicide. That’s why it’s important to have it treated.

Many countries have organisations that can help you with depression so check your local phone books or do an online search. Often the best place to start is with your local Doctor and get a proper physical check up. They then can refer you to other specialists who can help you find a resolution to your fears about your penis.