What of they Laugh at my penis?

But what if they laugh at it?

How you respond to this is up to you.

Many men find this situation (or the thought of it) horrifying. Humiliation is something that scares a lot of men. It feeds their negative self beliefs (my penis is small, I suck at sex, so I must be a worthless man). This kind of thinking is not healthy, it’s wrong, and the guys who feel this way know it too on an intellectual level. Yet they cannot seem to shake it, and it festers in the mind like a cancer. It becomes an obsession. If this is you, then we really suggest you seek psychological counselling. You don’t have to live like this, you can be helped.

If a partner comments about your penis size, then you really need to try to ignore it and press on. You’ve got them that far (third base), so there’s a good chance you’ll have sex. You need to use the skills we discuss on this page to show them that your size is not a handicap in giving them pleasure. Concentrate on their pleasure, and your penis size will become a non-issue. Become overly nervous and self-conscious, and your performance will suffer. You’re not thinking about your partner now, but worrying about yourself. That’s the recipe for bad sex, and premature ejaculation.

I know this sounds easier said than done, but it’s easier than you think to do. How you respond to someone saying you’re small comes down to your own attitude to life.

If a partner says they think your penis size is not as enjoyable for them, ask them what you can do to better satisfy them. Use it as an opening to learn more about your partners needs, maybe even educate them on what will work better next time (like different positions). Don’t assume your partner knows everything about sex. They may have limited experiences with smaller penises and so have never learned how to have sex with men like that. This is where a bit of self-confidence comes into play, even if you don’t feel it – you should project it. Have the courage to say, “Yes, I know my penis is small, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make you orgasm.”

Don’t run away and sulk about every mishap in the bedroom, or every time some nasty individual makes a hurtful remark about your penis. That’s a sure fire way to become what it is you fear.

Strangely, SPH does help some men.

Some men find dirty/nasty comments about their small size a real turn on. The reason is they have found self-acceptance over their penis size issues/fears. Once a small penis man reaches this place, he finds he can actually play on it and have fun with it. What turns them on is all that SPH play makes them the absolute centre of attention, and allows them to explore other sexual fantasies as well. SPH can empower a partner to also explore their sexual fantasies too.

A man with micropenis once told us:

I’m a great date. A romantic dinner, sparkling conversation, a sensual massage, a good laugh at my penis, and then the best oral sex ever. Everyone goes home with a smile on their face!

SPH is not for everyone, but it is one way to enjoy what you have. The important thing is you find what works for you, and go with it.

**For partners of men with small penises, do not try SPH unless he has indicated he likes it. Many men find size humiliation a huge turn-off, despite what you may see on the internet. This site is not saying men should be humiliated at all, but we mention SPH as it’s a sexual fetish some men have, but NOT all. Any sexual play should always be done with the full consent of all participants.

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