First Lesson: Foreplay IS Your Friend!

Foreplay is a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between two (or more) people meant to create sexual arousal, and desire for sexual activity. Foreplay stimulates both partners’ sexuality, lowers inhibitions, and increases emotional intimacy. It implies a certain level of confidence and trust between partners.

Foreplay often involves, kissing, licking, sucking, massage, lingerie, rubbing, dirty talk, sensual contact, watching pornography, roleplaying, costumes, cuddling, stroking, spanking, mutual masturbation, hand jobs, and really the list can go on and on. The only limit is your imagination as often sexual fetishes are foreplay based. Merely a means to heighten arousal until the sexual act occurs. What makes foreplay such a good place to start is that you can cause your partner to have intense orgasms just through foreplay alone.

Here’s what you should be thinking about:

  1. Kissing gets her going and keeps her going – Women get their greatest erotic pleasure from frequent, passionate kissing. If you get the sense that she’s starting to lose interest, kissing is always the best way to bring her back into it. Just remember that passionate kissing doesn’t always mean frantically swabbing out her tonsils with your tongue. Try to mix-up your kissing with different styles of kissing and on different parts of the body.
  2. Talk To Her – Using compliments and gentle loving words can engender a high level of intimacy during sex. Also, talking dirty can be areal turn-on for her too, but don’t just start talking dirty as your first move as she might think you’re an idiot. Ask her if she likes dirty bedroom talk, and what her limits are (what words she doesn’t like). Start off slowly and gauge her reactions before you get too full on. For More Information: CLICK THIS LINK.
  3. Pay Attention to both breasts – 9 simple steps to satisfy your woman’s breasts
  4. Be Gentle – Don’t just dive right in and try to do everything straight away, slow down, build it up, and take your time.
  5. Undress Them – The acting of undressing your partner can be a real turn on for them, as you slowly explore their bodies.
  6. Put Your Tongue Back in Your Mouth – Using your Tongue is fun and can be very sexy, but too much tongue can be a turn off. This goes for tongue engagement across all body parts: mouth (kisses are meant to involve lips and tongue, not tongue only, ears, and neck (neck kisses are wonderful, but slobbering all over your partner like a dog can be a turn off). Hickey’s are not cool for the modern woman who has to work the next day. Ask her before you do that. Respect your partners limits.
  7. Take Your Time – Build up the sexual tension slowly and your partner will have a much better and more powerful orgasm.
  8. Multi-Task – Use both hands and mouth all at once, stimulating different areas of the body simultaneously, not just one area.  keep busy.
  9. Enjoy Their Efforts To Please You – If she’s wearing sexy lingerie for you then show your appreciation. Take your time to take it in, not just rip it off in your mad dash for intercourse. Tell her how beautiful and sexy she looks. Show her just how special she is to you. Undress her slowly, explore her body.
  10. Nibbling Only – Most women like a little nibble on parts of their body, but not painful bites. Be gentle with her.
  11. Use your Fingers – Digital vaginal/anal penetration can be most enjoyable for women if done correctly. In fact, finger fucking is a great way to stimulate her G-spot, and can cause more powerful orgasms than PIV. You’ve seen those squirter porn movies, how the female practically convulses in orgasmic bliss just with finger fucking alone. You have fingers don’t you? Great, then you can give her mind-blowing vaginal orgasms just with your fingers.
  12. Ask what turns her on – Come right out and ask what she likes during sex. Most women appreciate men who want to make sure they’re satisfied. If she notices you’re working hard to please her, she’ll be more likely to return the favour.  And tell us: Is there a better place to develop your work ethic?
  13. Reward her bravery – When she initiates the action, make an extra effort to please her sexually and to let her know how much you approve. Tell her you loved her initiation. Sometimes women wonder if you’re going to perceive initiation as negative or if it might make you uncomfortable. Talk to her.
  14. Fetish Based Foreplay – This type of foreplay is something you might try in a more established relationship, not a one night stand or a partner you’ve only known for a short period. However, if you look at most sexual fetishes they’re often a form of foreplay, until the final sexual act. A way of intensifying arousal, although in a less conventional manner. This type of foreplay may include things like BDSM, water sports, Role playing, Costumes, Toys, tickling, anal play, and the list goes on and on. The limit is your imagination.

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