The Best Heterosexual Sex Positions with a Smaller Penis.

Sexual intercourse (PIV) is only one aspect of sexual relations between a man and a woman, but it plays an important role in intimacy. The size of most men’s penises need not affect the pleasure of intercourse for either participant. You have to remember that those that have extra small penises are very rare anyway (less than 1% of all men). These six sexual positions (below) will allow most men to get the feeling of the tightness he craves, and the woman the feeling of fullness she enjoys. Hopefully leaving both happy and satisfied.

1) Man-on-top: The woman tilts her pelvis down, aiming her vaginal opening toward the mattress, and holds her bent knees up toward her chest while keeping her head elevated on pillows. This will increase pressure against her vaginal walls and shorten her vaginal canal.

2) V-formation: As the woman lies on her back, the man should lift her legs in the air, hold her ankles, and spread her legs apart, forming a V, and then make his way inside her. A good position for stimulating her G Spot.


3) Doggy style or Rear Entry: The woman should be on all fours. The man should enter the woman from behind, but he should open his legs, and she should mostly close hers. The woman should her angle her body down by resting her head and shoulders flat on the bed. This will help her feel tighter, or the man feel bigger, however you prefer to look at it. This is also a good position for stimulating the G Spot of a woman.

Doggy style that gives better penetration for the smaller penis man.

Doggy style that gives better penetration for the smaller penis man.

4) Woman Sitting: The man stands or kneels while the woman sits on the edge of the bed, sofa, or counter top. When the man enters her, it will be at a slight upward angle, so his penis should hit the top wall of her vagina. He’ll feel pressure and tightness as he hits that wall.

5) Cowboy: She lies on her back while he straddles her. He then gently inserts his penis through the tight opening created by her semi-closed legs. Tightness increases the intensity of the penetration.


6) Woman Face Down: The woman should lie face down on her stomach, legs straight out and closed. A pillow may be placed under the woman’s hips. With his knees bent, but keeping his torso upright, the man should place his genitals just under the woman’s buttocks and spread her legs on either side of her body, Being careful not to let his weight drop on her, he then makes his way inside. The woman may initially have to open her legs in order for the man to get his penis inside. Another position good for G-spot stimulation.



Use Your Imagination!

1) The Strap On Dildo: Be any size she wants. The good thing about some brands of strap ons is that they are hollow inside and some small dick guys can slide them over their cocks so you feel the sensations too. Try having her fuck you with it as that can be fun for her as well.




2) The Butt plug: If she allows it, try putting a butt plug inside her anus before you have sex as this can help make her vagina tighter for your small manhood. You can even get vibrating butt plugs that will increase her pleasure. If she doesn’t want to do this then please respect her wishes.




3) Use Your Imagination: Explore your sexual fantasies with your partner and learn how being imaginative can spice up your love life and make you both happy. Just remember to respect other peoples limits in expressing sexual fantasy.

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  1. Iorwerth Selwyn

    I have a small penis, but that has never been a problem for myself or my wife. When having sex, we have found that a couple of pillows beneath my wife’s bottom does the trick. With this method, my wife reaches her orgasm before I do.


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