Sex Ed.

The first step begins with YOU!

Many guys think having a small dick is a sign of inferior masculinity, or they fear that they can never satisfy their partner because of it. This builds up as they begin to believe their partners are disappointed in them, secretly want a guy who is bigger than them, or they feel embarrassed about it. The real truth is, for most women a guy who has such an obvious psychological issue about the size of his penis is a bigger turn off than the actual penis itself. That’s right we have heard many women say that the reason for dumping a guy was not the quality of the sex, or the size of his penis, but the guys constant need to be validated about it.

Women acquaint sexual masculinity with a bit of confidence and arrogance, so when a guy can’t stop whining about his small penis, or his fear of her leaving him because of it, that turns her off. By becoming so preoccupied about your size, you are actually forgetting that there’s more than one way to give a sexual partner pleasure than just penis-in-vagina (PIV). As we will show in this article, having a small penis is not the end of the world when it comes to sexual relations.

But if you start out believing you will fail, then you most likely will. That’s the power of the mind.

Embrace your small penis and be proud of it. Learn to be an attentive lover using every technique known to man to get her/him to orgasm and we are sure that your relationship will be better, your sex life will be fun, and she/he will feel they have found a man who really cares.

Accept Your Limitations

If you do have a small penis or a micropenis, it might actually be the case that your penis won’t have the same effect during sex that a larger penis will have. This doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to be awful at sex. It just means that you are going to have to learn other ways to please your partner. This doesn’t make you less of a man, it actually makes you more of one because it shows you’re willing to put your partners pleasure before your own.

The Biggest Sex Organ is the BRAIN!

Turn on a person’s mind and you can turn on their other organs as well.

Females really need to be stimulated by romance, being listened too, sharing experiences and feelings, D&M talks, cuddling, emotional support, and even just being a considerate person to be around. They take much more work to reach the point where they want to have sex and the reason for that is that is how they are wired.

Men get horny very easily and it can happen in a millisecond let’s face it. You can be walking down the street and see something out of the corner of your eye and BAM you have a boner. Women are not normally like this and guys you need to respect that if you want to get into her pants.

Again let me reiterate that much of your hang ups about your penis size is also in your brain. So if your body image is really a problem for you then we cannot stress enough that you should seek professional counselling about it. The biggest problem for the small dick man is that nobody really teaches you how to use what you got. While we agree that there’s a mindset in the community that bigger is better, we can tell you that many big dick men are terrible in bed too because all they think they need to do is penetrate.

Your opportunity in being smaller is that you can be everything they don’t think they need to be. You can be the one that satisfies your partner on so many levels that your penis size becomes irrelevant. So wise up and let’s learn what you can do to become a great lover.


Trail & Error

Lastly before you learn some ways you can turn your sex life around just remember that like anything practice makes perfect. You may falter along the way and things may not always work out the way you want them too. This goes for any man in general regardless of their penis size. But hang in there and keep going for it and after a while you will find your groove and see that you can be a good lover for the person you love. Don’t be afraid to ask sexual partners about what worked and what didn’t work even if it feels a bit weird to do so.

Knowledge is power and if they tell you something that helps you improve your sexual techniques, then you will be better off for it. Good luck!

  1. Foreplay
  2. Sensual Massage
  3. What if they laugh at it?
  4. Everything you need to know about the Vagina
  5. Cunnilingus
  6. The G-Spot
  7. Sex Positions (heterosexual)
  8. Sex positions (heterosexual) for a small erect girth
  9. The Truth About Sexual Intercourse (PIV)
  10. Gay Sex
  11. Condoms
  12. Premature Ejaculation

Putting it all together!

There’s no step 1, 2, 3, and so on when it comes foreplay, sensual massage, and oral sex. Everyone is different, and once you know what techniques to employ you can do them in spontaneous ways that will enhance the pleasure even more. It’s important to keep trying to read how your partner is responding, and adjust accordingly. Hey, even ask her/him if what you’re doing works for them while you’re doing it.

So look at you now, you can give your partner powerful orgasms and you still haven’t even used your penis yet!

Still, you’re worried about vaginal sex (PIV). Can you give her pleasure that way? The nerve endings responsible for pleasure inside the vagina are in the first third, or outer third nearest the vaginal opening of the canal, any deeper and she won’t feel it anyway. It’s the friction of your penis rubbing these nerves that cause her pleasure, not the length of your penis. So penis girth is actually more important than length for most women. Large men have the advantage in that usually their girth is large too (more friction), and their size gives women a feeling of fullness. Some really women like the stretching and fullness of a larger penis and we often refer to these types as size queens.

The good news is not all women are like that, and some even find large penises a turn off because they hurt. But smaller men can get the same results by employing several sexual positions (discussed below) that create the same feelings in a woman that a large penis can. Also, as a women begins orgasm her vagina will contract and relax rapidly. A contracting vagina will squeeze any penis size, and make you feel big to her.

However, the biggest reason small dick men are told that their penises are no good for sex is that it can’t reach the G-spot, but it isn’t true?