Hall of Internet Misinformation Shame

This page is going to provide you with links to information that is totally bogus. This is so you can learn what is not to be believed, and what is.

Penis size averages studies of the world 2014 – The reason this site is bogus is because none of the research they quote can actually be verified (found on medical journal databases like pubmed) and a lot of their results are based on “surveymonkey” results. That raises a red flag right there. Do not believe this site.
Penis size distribution by ethnicity chart – You’ve seen this chart before, hell we’ve even used it on this site because we thought it was legit. But alas we’ve learnt it’s a hoax. Total rubbish, put out there to again confuse men and pander to penis size insecurities.
The Penis Size Worldwide (country) – This map is completely bogus as there has been no real medical research done on different ethnic traits of penis size. The information has been taken from the first link on this page which has no creditbale/verifiable sources and the information is made up to cater to stereotypes and men’s anxieties about penis size.
Reddit Forum SmallDickProblems – While there is an attempt by some good souls on this forum to help men overcome their small penis anxieties, we cannot recommend this site as it’s overly negative content will only cause most small penis men to feel depressed, and what’s worse, reinforce false beliefs. The most vocal people espousing negative beliefs are actually suffering Small Penis Syndrome, and have average size penises. It’s the real small penis men who seem to be the most realistic and positive, yet the vocal majority with average sized penises shout them down. View this site with caution and cynicism.
We will add more as we find them.