You are reading these lines probably because your penis is too small and you can’t find a condom that properly fits you. Maybe they are too baggy, slip all the time, or just don’t feel “right” when you use them. Still, having a smaller sized penis doesn’t mean you can’t practice safe sex! Or maybe you are looking for something “tighter”, hoping to enjoy intercourse more. You came to the right place! Down below you will find some of the most popular snug fit brands, a link to buy them online for the cheapest price and my personal opinion.

The best place to start is with this company because they make condoms that can fit some of the smallest penises down to 3.5″ in erect length & 4″ in girth. However, for penises smaller than this, you will find little joy in the condom market.

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greater starter condom kit for guys with a small or short penis 1# Snug Fit Small Assorted Sampler Pack

My first recommendation is to try this very affordable snug fit sample package offer by amazon. It comes with 3 different brands (and a total of 12 pieces). All 3 brands (Iron Grip, Atlas and Lifestyles) are known for being Snug Fit and provide a very secure and tight fit. The iron grip is the smallest of the 3, followed by the atlas and then lifestyles.

Many guys claim to have finally found the perfect fit for their little guy thanks to this offer. The price is also very good and very hard to beat considering the amount of pieces you get.<

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the 3sum lifestyle is one of the tightest snug fit condoms you can get

2# LifeStyles 3Sum

My next recommendation is The 3Sum by Lifestyles, which is probably the most popular snug fit brand in the market . Measuring 7.87″ (199.9 mm) x 1.8″ (47.73 mm), it’s one of the most snugger-fit condom you can get. Interestingly, the package nowhere mentions the words “snug fit”. Extra bonus: this condoms features ribs and studs which create a more stimulating experience for your partner. Again most reviews are highly positive, making it one of the most popular tight options for your little guy.

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avanti bare latex are the shortest condoms made by a reputable company

3# DUREX Avanti BARE Latex Condoms

This is the thinnest condom manufactured by Durex. Make sure not to confuse it with Durex Avanti Bare Non-Latex when buying. Slightly larger in girth but shorter when compared to 3Sum, at 6.62″ (193.54 mm) x 1.87″ (47.63 mm). Again, most reviews are very positive. To my knowledge, this is the shortest condom you can get!

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4# Kimono Microthin Ultra
One of the thinnest and shortest condoms available in the market today. What makes the Kimonos so special is the special, water-based lubricant they use called Aqua Lube. This lube is pH balanced, long lasting and provides a silky and sensual feeling both for you and your partner.

The dimensions of this brand are 7.5″ (190 mm) x 1.87″ (47.63 mm).

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5# Okamoto Beyond Seven
The Okamoto is a great small condom imported from Japan. Unlike most brands, this one doesn’t use latex but a material called Sheerlon which is very strong and durable – but thinner than latex – providing greater comfort and feel during sex without sacrificing durability!

Definitely, this brand is worth a try whether you have a small penis or not.. Personally I have tried it and I loved it and I consider it to be the best snug fit condom you can get, if reduced sensation during sex is an issue for you. It feels almost like going raw, and this comes from a guy who really hates wearing a condom! I think it’s the thinnest brand too, or at least it feels like it is.

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6) GLYDE Slimfit Premium Small Size<

I have not personally the Glyde Snug Fit condoms, but all the reviews and testimonials out there are positive so I think they are definitely worth a try. According to the manufacturer, the GLYDE SLIMFIT is the smallest FDA approved condom, certified ethical and vegan by the Vegan Society and free of animal testing and animal by-products. Interestingly, these small condoms also come in extra small packages:)

Female Condoms

Sadly, this may be the only option for the smallest men out there (less than 3.5″ erect and 4″ girth).  You may wonder why condoms aren’t made for men this small and I suggest it’s purely for economic reasons.  Men in this group consist of less than 1% of the male population, so it just isn’t economically viable for condom manufacturers to produce such small sheathes.  It’s sucks for these guys, I know.

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