I recently watched The Red Pill, and have to admit on certain issues I agree with them.  I know a lot of us small dick guys have experienced extreme abuse at the hands of some women, especially related to our penis size, and I can see why some guys are so angry about how unfair this is when compared to how body shaming women are met with such public outrage.  I understand why some guys are joining the ‘Men Going Their Own Way’ (MGTOW) phenomena and deciding to never have a relationship with a woman again.

I read all the time on Reddit how small dick guys are so angry at women and are quick to be shouted down by feminist supporting posters/moderators decrying their rage to be misogynistic in the extreme.  This culture of blame and shame seems to be just another vehicle for the feminist ideal to be pushed down men’s throats.  Yet, small dick men experience the worst of female abuse, and this is something society jokes about, rather than discourages.   In a time when men’s abuse of women is getting such widespread coverage in the media, why is the abuse we suffer at the hands of women considered a joke?

The naysayers of the MRM continue to use shaming words to make the victims of female abuse sound whiny, stupid, or hatemongers.  They might say, “They’re just upset because they’re not attractive enough or rich enough to get a good woman.”

Well, this is the point for us small dick guys.  We’re told we’re not good enough on a constant basis for something we’re born with, and yet these people expect us to be happy about it?  I find it incredibly shallow that women base attraction on penis size, looks, or wealth, and this to me is how feminism has become toxic in the modern world.  Wasn’t one of feminism’s gripes with men the objectification of women based on looks?  So why is it now OK for them to do this to men?   It’s bad enough the patriarchy has always seen men as nothing more than a disposable commodity, it seems women now do, too.  The irony being that feminists wanted to bring down the patriarchy, have now become it.

So, this brings us to MGTOW, and I have to admit I’ve been living this life now for the last twenty years and I didn’t even know it.  I’m a level three.   I gave up on women after my divorce because I was all the things they say – ugly, small dick, and poor – not good husband material.  Damn, not even good boyfriend material.  Yet, I decided I’m better off alone, better off just doing my thing, looking after myself, and I found true happiness.

Without a woman telling me what to do all the time, or nagging me, or accusing me of some bullshit thing based on their ever-changing emotions, I thrived.  I traveled, I studied, I still had enough sex to keep me happy (and masturbation is fun too), I had great friend’s, and I never felt lonely.    It somehow even made me finally feel at ease about my small penis because I didn’t give a damn anymore what some woman thought of it. I didn’t feel depressed any longer that having a small dick meant I’d be forever excluded for the perfect world feminists want.  In fact, if I ever got  abusive comments from a woman for my small penis I smiled because it just confirmed the new truth I found:  I’m better off without a woman in my life.

The Five Levels of MGTOW

  • Level 0 – Situational Awareness: the member has “taken the red pill” and embraces the idea that gender equality is a lie and propaganda but has to stay in their situation for familial or financial reasons.
  • Level 1 – Rejection of Long-Term Relationships: the man rejects long-term relationships but will still partake in short-term relationships and sexual encounters.
  • Level 2 – Rejection of Short-Term Relationships: the member won’t participate in hook-ups or any form of short-term or sexual relationships.
  • Level 3 – Economic Disengagement: a member at this stage refuses to earn more money than is necessary for sustaining life. He views the government as tyrannical and is trying to actively drain money from the bureaucrats.
  • Level 4 – Societal Disengagement: this is as far as a mainstream MGTOW can go. Here the man refuses to interact with society.

So how do MGTOW’s find sexual release without a woman?  Some men have one night stands, others rely solely on masturbation, some use online webcams/chat, and some routinely visit sex workers.  The old adage “You don’t pay for the sex, you pay them to leave” is a rather popular sentiment for MGTOW’s.

Every small dick man must make up his own mind regarding how he see’s his life going forward.  Some men can’t imagine themselves without the “Western Dream” of having a home, wife, 2.4 kids, and a dog.  This has been pedaled to us all by governments for so long that many feel entitled to this, and suffer anger for being excluded from it.   This sense of entitlement is something feminists love to throw in men’s faces, and while I agree it’s a lie to think any of us are entitled to anything, we should at least acknowledge that men have been conditioned to think this way by the patriarchy.

Many small dick guys get angry because we’re sold the romantic dream all the time from Hollywood and TV about heterosexual relationships, yet when you find yourself the victim of constant humiliation, abuse, and rejection from women it’s only natural to question the female nature.  To be rejected even when you’re doing all the other stuff right, knowing it’s all about your dick size, is equally as bad as a guy rejecting a woman just because she’s obese.  It’s only natural to feel angry that you’re being excluded from the “Western Dream” for something so superficial.

Small dick men also feel angry because there’s a constant noise from the blue piller’s that emasculating yourself to a woman is the best way to get one to like you. We’re told by these well-meaning people that being sexually subservient to a woman is the best way to please her.  “All you think of is PIV sex,” they say.  “Use your mouth, hands, and toys, and make it all about her.”

I think these people miss the point when it comes to small dick men.  I think we’re perfectly happy to go the extra mile for our lovers, but not to the point of being emasculated by it.  Don’t we have a right to enjoy being fulfilled as men, too?  Why is it just all about her and what she wants and needs?  This is the feminist propaganda being spread by the patriarchy to further enslave men to the system.  To make us obedient producers, workers, and soldiers.

So for small dick men thinking that living life without a woman is the answer to their problems, then I can only agree.   Since governments and the media won’t take the violence and abuse we suffer as small dick men at the hands of women seriously, then we must go our own way.  I have written here before that self-acceptance is an important part of living with a small penis, and I still hold to that.  Yet, we don’t need to stop being men just to please feminists and the patriarchy, and though they might call us names and keep trying to shame us for not swallowing the cool aid they pedal, we need to claim our lives back.

We need to say enough’s enough.  I’m all for equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunity, what I’m not for is being abused by women, treated as a disposable commodity, objectified, and robbed by the patriarchy when it comes to family law, domestic violence, and divorce.   I’m not entitled to anything, I know that, yet it’s my life and I’m going to stop letting the patriarchy and feminists tell me how to live it.

I don’t hate women,  and I’m not bitter or angry at them.  I have family members and friends who are women, and I love them all.  I just choose to keep that love platonic.  I don’t need them, and they don’t complete me.  I’m not Gay, and consider myself a heterosexual.

However, I have suffered more abuse at the hands of women in my life than I ever have from other men.  That’s why I freed myself.  I did it long it before it became a thing, and I found real happiness.  Maybe, for some small dick men, it’s the best solution to finding their own freedom.


10 thoughts on “MGTOW

  1. Joe

    I now know that I have been living as a3 for the past 15 years. I have suffered from years of abuse from a woman . The only time having a little dick was okay was when she wanted something she couldn’t afford then she may sleep with me or give me a blow job. I stay depressed and feel so inadequate .

  2. Dnap

    Im really coming to realize this too. I wouldnt wish being a black man with a small penis on anyone. Ive been slapped, literally dismissed, cruel jokes to my face, lovers who go from hot to cold when pants drop, talked to like I aint shit, snickered at by teenage dudes in locker room. A living hell. All longterm relationships led to the same thing…small dick jokes and puns and insults and repeat abuse and humiliation. And i dont want no fucking handjob! Powerless

  3. Stephen

    This is a really excellent article. The fact is that most women judge, ridicule, emasculate and dump men with small penises. There is nothing more cruel that a woman can ever do to a man than that. Most women are incapable of loving a man with a small penis. Most women are incapable of just loving a man for who his is. Most women have twisted, screwed-up priorities, and values where they are so shallow and superficial where they will reject a man just because he has a small penis and doesn’t have enough money. So, these women commit the ultimate mental and emotional abuse towards men all because they don’t measure up to their obnoxious, cruel standards. This is why MGTOW is a very important and much needed option for men. Men who have small penises do not deserve the abuse that women inflict on them so it’s a great choice to avoid relationships with women completely. MGTOW’s membership will continue to increase as more men realize how horrible most of today’s women in society truly are.

  4. Sherwood Muehlman

    After reading the definitions, I have to admit to being a 0.
    I’m on wife #3, although we’ve been together for 30 years.
    When the subject of size comes up,and it is always in a group setting, her comment is “it is not the size that counts,
    It’s how it’s used!”. Well that doesn’t exactly make me feel
    great. I’ve considered leaving but at my age ’75’, I don’t feel
    like dealing with the bullshit of a divorce, and I can’t afford it.

  5. Question

    I have a question. Why is it you don`t take responsibilty your life? I thought the same of myself as a small penis man for 40 years. I found that according to your standard am not. This happened recently. My God the misery, depression, all the things I put myself through, honestly I am not fully convinced. But I understand that because what my self image says. But it is not because of anyone else did it to me. It is because I allow it. You do have control over your mind. Looking for someone to blame just makes things worse. I am not judging anyone, I have been there. Why me, no one will ever love me I am asecond class man because of size. Because someones a big dick I don`t stand a chance. It`s societys fault. God hates me. on and on. I only looked for verifaction for my “condition” so all I`ve done is live a miserable life thinking I was undeserving of,well, anything. Look, this is not a dress rehearsal, we get one shot at this life. The clock is ticking Do you wish this to be your reality forever? I for one want to see what happiness is at least one time. I know it is not easy. High school, the anxiety, of knowing you would have to expose yourself when you showered. The avoidence of urinals, should someone find me out, All the stuff one does as a defense mechinisim. Women, how can you generlize like that. As if it`s “them” why I can`t live a better life. Really? hmmm, Look inward, it`s the only way out. When you think about it, there are billions of women out there or men if that`s your prefence. Why have you given up? Do you want sympathy? Or do you want to be a man. Your dick does not make you a man. The only thing that can accomlish that isYOU! I only advise here, if you wish to keep on doing what you are fine. There is another way, that`s all I`m saying.. It`s your life, but who are you going to let live, you or everyone else?

    1. admin Post author

      I think you miss the point. Being a true MGTOW is not giving up and it’s not avoiding women altogether (though some do). Some men have been doing this for centuries, only in times past one might’ve joined a religious order or live as a hermit. It’s also not about hating women. We are not Incels, we choose our lifestyle, we take responsibility for our lives. Many MGTOW’s still have sexual relationships with women too, just not emotionally intimate ones. You don’t even need to have a small penis to be a MGTOW.

      I am sorry you have suffered shame for your body image. Small Penis Syndrome can be a very debilitating psychological condition, I agree. But when you truly have a small dick as we have defined on this site, then it’s not a syndrome, it’s not psychological, and all the introspection in the world won’t change the fact that your penis is the size of a prepubescent boy. What is the alternative for us? Well, being a MGTOW is one alternative. But like anything in life, to live this way you need to do it for the right reasons. Not because you hate others or yourself, but because it’s a way to have a life that is satisfying and enjoyable while not hurting anyone else.

  6. Eric Hoffman

    Thank you for telling the truth on your website. I am sick of small penises being shamed. Especially in Richardson, TX (Dallas, TX) it’s not cool. Please send me more info when you can.

  7. Qurious

    interesting thoughts shared here, thanks men, My insecurity is no balls, all the issues you discrib here though its all about balls , I never had a normal set,. Born with undecended which was removed, grew up as a 1 nutter, VERY SHY about being found out. then cancer took only one mid twenties.. every thing spoken about here I can relate too, but not about length, about real Testicles..


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